Art Classes

Birthday Parties

No birthday parties are being scheduled at this time due to the pandemic.


Celebrate with Art

PARTY PAYMENT: ($225.00 for up to 15 students) $10 for each additional student

$225 fee includes a NON-REFUNDABLE $30.00 booking fee
50% of fee ($112.50) must be paid when scheduling the party
Remaining balance must be paid day of party
In the event of a cancellation, written notice must be delivered to Art Unleashed as least seven (7) days prior to the event to receive a refund.

Please plan on serving refreshments after all guests have finished their piece and art supplies have been moved from the area to avoid any food coming in contact with the art supplies.
Please provide your own plates, cups, plastic ware, napkins, utensils or other necessary paper goods.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at this event.

You will have access to the room 30 minutes prior to the event and 30 minutes after the event for set up/clean up. Other events may be scheduled in this room, so please be considerate of this.
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/host (ess) to clean the space of food, wrapping paper and decorations once finished. Instructor will clean all art supplies. Space should be returned to the original condition before leaving.
Please hang decorations with painters tape, or other materials that will not damage the paint on the wall.

Not Allowed

The following are prohibited at Art Unleashed:

  • The possession of dangerous weapons. A dangerous weapon is considered to be any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property.
  • Smoking
    Hazardous materials (including but not limited to, hazardous waste, medical waste, hazardous substances, toxic substances and regulated substances.)
  • Animals or pets, except for guide dogs (or other similar animals used for assistance by persons with disabilities)
  • Pyrotechnics – fireworks, tiki torches
    Cooking, frying, baking, grilling, etc.